New Fall pieces including the first Kevin Shahroozi dress! Also, Gaze Magazine event

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I was invited by Gaze Magazine to have a runway show of my fall collection and to feature my pieces. It seems like sometimes life is moving so fast these days. It was a great event, there were many talented designers and it is always wonderful to meet and see people in the industry, including, photographers, models, and more.


I was lucky enough to get some pics before the magazine releases by my photographer friend Noel ( The first Kevin Shahroozi dress is out! It is a beautiful silk piece in black color with a slight stretch in the fabric!


The new suede and leather vest is out in all black! I did a nice tweak to it too. Now it can zip all the way up. This is for those cold days approaching winter. What I love is that when you zip it halfway down, you can see it turns into lapels.


It is so good knowing that anything you strive for is possible to attain. I remember it was not too long ago, me an Noel were struggling very hard to find good photos to take. We had the clothes, we had his camera, we just could not find hair stylists, make up artists, and especially models. Now we have two magazine events with enormous amounts of pictures in less than 1 week. It is truly a blessing.


To think I remember sitting in F.I.T. classes and staying up until 2AM sketching or working on an assignment less than a year ago. Now there are magazines asking me to have a show at their events.









Look out for next week's blog! We have a photo shoot scheduled for this coming week, and it will include more new fall designs that just released.

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