Darts, Dressmaking, and Detailed Design

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With my internship heating up, starting a new job on 5th ave, and stirring up some thing with my clothing business; I have to learn even more on dressmaking, darts, and the details of the design of a dress. Learning never stops.


Many of what I learned is from watching a gentleman named Chris White, he is very knowledgeable in this field.

Chris White - http://www.youtube.com/user/giuliochris?feature=watch


The wasitline is above the popular way people know where the waistline is. The waistline most people use or the "retail" way is at the belly button or slightly below. The actual waistline is where your body goes in, which is slightly higher than the belly button.


Nearly all the time, you need to put darts on the bust area and the shoulder area. At the abdominal area, the dart should end midway between the hip line and the waist line. The bigger(wider) the darts are, the longer they are going to be. The dress needs balancing out. Therefore, the larger the darts, the more fitted it is.


The simple basic truth you need to know about darts before starting dressmaking is to understand the point of them. They are to shape the garment to the body and to keep the bust in place. Basically to make the dress fit better.


Sheath Dresses are mid calf or shorter. It is a figure hugging garment with a defined waist. There are no belts or waistbands. Always remember stretch fabrics are best for dresses, you'll feel a lot more comfortable and more people can wear it.




Last and definitely not least, new womenswear clothing including A DRESS is coming to the Kevin Shahroozi clothing line. Look out for that.


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