Fabric and Persians

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Today I was walking around the garment center, and I saw this women's ready to wear store. When I noticed the name, I was a bit intrigued and felt it had a chance to be a persian name. After googling it, I was right. Kind of reminds me of Bebe, as the founder of that was Iranian too. I would describe their clothes as one reviewer said: "sexy, fashionable, and good quality clothing that does not look skanky." Though I do not know much about my persian side of me (as I do my chinese, probably because I grew up in a chinese neighborhood), the little that I did see of my persian fellows in my life time is that we love to dress sharp. Nice clothing, clean outfit, and fashionable clothing.


On another note, I went to a fabric store that I made a good connection with the owner, and I just felt at home when I noticed that there was NOTHING BUT FABRIC all around me. I mean a feeling just dawned on me, that this is my place, I am here, I am where I should be. This is one of the many signs that I know I'm doing what I love - Fashion Design. Also, I just want to say that do not over look the small or out of the way places for fabric... or for many things in life. This place looks a little like a hole in the wall on the outside, but the people treat you with great service and genuinely (a BIG thing especially in new york!), and I get good deals here too.





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