A Real Hat For a Real Man May 29 2013


Nothing expresses summertime - gentlemen - perfect - gear as a straw fedora. The fedora is, the most classic and modernist of men's hats.  The only thing that may come close to it; the porkpie hat. This has been worn a lot lately and it seems to be the fashion hat of the times, especially to hipsters.


Fedoras make the man look better 110% of the time. It can be worn with suits, polos, sweaters, dress shirts, t-shirts, and everything else! The Fedora is more than the icing on the cake. It adds the perfect touch to any outfit, it puts the man into a class of his own.





Your night time hat. When it is time for the party, its time to switch to a darker shade and enter the night in finesse. 



In the golden words of Glenn O'Brien, "if you are a boy, you must wear a cap If you are a man, you must wear a hat." Wear your hat to take it off in front of the ladies. But, you might also feel as though you never want to take off the hat.